Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meeting with Ramesh Chaitoo

CDF at 5:00pm on Thursday 23rd Feb 2012

Please confirm participation for meeting on Thursday with Ramesh Chaitoo

Still looking for participation from fashion designers

PACE, the St. Lucia Coalition of Services Industries Inc and the CDF are hosting a special meeting on Thursday Feb 23rd at the conference room of the CDF with Trade and Services expert Ramesh Chaitoo.

This is being organised for everybody involved in the creative sector and will focus on a “Services Policy” now being discussed and which should include the Creative Sector. Mr. Chaitoo will explain why a services policy is critical in our development and why the creative sector ought to be actively involved in its promotion.

Mr. Chaitoo is extremely experienced in the area of TRADE and SERVICES and so we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Possibilities for FASHION DESIGNERS

With Caribbean Export placing greater emphasis on Fashion and with opportunities in the London Fashion Week [now on] and Caribbean Fashion Week in June and the Olympics in August – this is a good discussion to be part of if you are involved in the fashion industry. Confirm participation now. Fashion is one of the more ‘export ready’ sub-sector of the creative industry.


We need representatives from all sectors relating to the creative industries – DANCE, MUSIC, FASHION, ARTS AND CRAFT, PUBLISHING, LITERARY ARTS, FILM, AUDIO VISUAL, DESIGNERS OF COMPUTER GAMES/SOFTWARE, DRAMA etc. If you’re in the creative sector and you feel the above areas did not cover your activity, you are still welcomed to attend.


Mr. Chaitoo has worked extensively in the CARICOM region on trade and services and has gained invaluable experience in researching, monitoring and analyzing bilateral, regional and multilateral trade policy issues. Mr. Chaitoo also advises Caribbean governments on negotiating strategies and options regarding services trade and investment. While here he will be meeting with government officials on a Services Policy. He also focuses on policy interventions to foster the development of service industries.

Mr. Chaitoo was responsible for services and investment negotiations in the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between CARIFORUM states and the European Union.

He is an invaluable resource and someone we ought to engage in providing guidance on policies for the creative sector.

Register now by responding to this email. We need to know the numbers for catering purposes. Spread the word.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



7:30P at the National Cultural Centre!!

Guys we are just a day away from an exciting FILM NIGHT at the National Cultural Centre. It will be an audio-visual experience with a difference - from music video-mixing to film previews, documentaries, animation and just fun videos.

This is line-up so far.

Filmmakers of Tomorrow

Jelani Paul and James Marcelle

Jelani Paul of “Untitled 51” will provide an experience of dance that you have not seen before. PLUS you must see the edit of a stunt motorcyclist. Did we mention that he has produced a music video for former TNT Road March King Sherwin Winchester! He is extremely promising producer.

James Marcelle comes from St. Mary’s College! He has produced a short film, “How To Be Cool”! He is actor and filmmaker, and there is a message in his short film.


Davina is winding up filming on his first major film, written by Robert Lee and featuring McDonald Dixon, Ian Mitchell, Jason Siflet, Natalie La Porte with cameo appearances from Shepp Dawg, Young Mecca, Shane Ross and a host of other personalities from the music and theatre stages! Quite a bit of the film is set in Anse-la-Raye, some filming done at the home of the late Petronilla Deterville. Davina has been gracious enough to give us a sneak peek of “Coming of Org” –set for release a few weeks from now.

Ted Sandiford’s animation

I know most of you are amused by those funny animated ads and public service announcements on TV. They come from the imagination of Ted Sandiford! His work has been celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago and Ted has agreed to feature publicly for the first time his animated short film.

Music Video Mixing

If you watched the Grammy Awards party you may have seen a bit of music video-mixing. It’s done mainly for fetes and parties, but Oaktrez Productions, just about to debut DANCE PARTY on local television will give a short demonstration on this new phenomenon on the entertainment circuit.


Jazz in the South

Dale Elliot series “HOMELESS”

FILM NIGHT will feature an excerpt from a very profound documentary by Dale Elliot on the HOMELESS. It is a very touching story told from the perspective of the homeless in Castries - from the travails of a 13 year old to the thoughts of those who roam the streets at night. It deals with the issue of sex and rape, commercialism and believe it or not, some amazing revelations about the just concluded general elections.

We will also feature an excerpt from “Jazz in the South” a documentary account from the point of view of the pioneers. It is directed by Guadeloupean Philippe Mugerin and co-produced by Labowi Promotions. It also features the young musicians from the St. Lucia School of Music.


It’s on Wednesday Night.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hey Guys,


The Board of Directors of PACE has been meeting over the past two weeks on a Plan of Action and a programme of activities for the next two years. The activities will fall under the broad headings:

  • Advocacy
  • Mobilisation and Communication
  • Training
  • Networking and Fundraising

From that we’re finalizing a programme of activities which will involve every sector: Arts and Craft, Film and Audio-Visual, Fashion, Literary Arts, Theatre AND Music. BUT we need your input and suggestions for each of the four broad areas outlined above and also recommendations for sector specific activities.

And if there are any projects that will benefit your sector specifically or the creative industries generally please submit those recommendations or suggestions ASAP so it can be included in the overall PACE plan of action.

It is our intention to submit to the membership a comprehensive plan of action BEFORE Independence, so please forward to us ASAP you suggestions and plan of action.

See below as a suggested guide.

Membership Call for proposals form
Brief description:
Proposed timeline:
List of activities:
Potential sponsors:

i. how would this benefit the sector?
ii. What are the results/outcomes?


PLEASE give us some feedback. We are about to embark on a series of meetings with agencies, embassies and government ministries that can help us advance the creative sector so your input is vital. PLEASE PARTICIPATE!

Forward this email to as many people as possible.

Request a PACE membership form today!!!!! We need numbers to move forward.

Friday, November 27, 2009

National Arts Festival Activities

Hey guys,
A quick reminder

Opening Night
Saturday 28th November - 6:30 pm ($10.00)

Visual Arts Exhibition
Monday 30th November to Saturday 5th December
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Book Fair
Monday 30th November to Saturday 5th December
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Drama Nights
Monday 30th November - 8:00 pm ($20.00)
Tuesday 1st December - 8:00 pm ($20.00)

**Film & Audio-Visual Night [organised by PACE]
Wednesday 2nd December - 7:00 pm ($5.00)

Dance Nights
Thursday 3rd December - 8:00 pm ($20.00)
Friday 4th December - 8:00 pm ($20.00)

Folk & Traditional Night
Saturday 5th December - 7:00 pm ($20.00)

Festival of Carols
Sunday 6th December - 7:00 pm
St Peter’s Catholic Church in Dennery

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Week for PACE

Hey Guys,

Very important week for PACE next week

There are three major things happening next that we need members to support in a big way. Starting on Thursday, continuing on Friday and Saturday

Thurs Nov 19th at 9:00 a.m. at the Pastoral Centre

Workshop on a Strategic Plan for PACE

A draft plan was circulated earlier for your comments. It’s attached again so have a look at it. This is a crucial meeting as we will attempt to lay down a strategic plan for the CREATIVE SECTOR which includes fashion, music, film, visual and performing arts, arts and crafts, advertising, audio-visual and architecture.

This plan will guide the work of PACE for the next 2-3 years so please we need your involvement on Thursday November 19th at the Pastoral Centre from 9:00 a.m. Maxine Alleyne-Esprit of the Export Development Unit of the OECS Secretariat will be there as well, so please turn out in good numbers for this. We need to demonstrate that things are happening in St. Lucia – it’s the only way we can qualify for grants and other financial support. So be part of it.

Friday Nov 20th – Film Premier of ‘A Winter Tale’

Trinidadian Film Director Frances-Anne Solomon will be here on Friday next week for the St. Lucia premier of her film “A Winter Tale”. Ms. Solomon who now lives in Canada also puts on annual film festivals there featuring Caribbean and African film producers. Come support a Caribbean film producer. The Caribbean Cinemas as agreed to premier the film from 7:00p.m. on Friday Nov 20th so again we need the members of PACE to attend this event. Also feel free to invite other persons as well. It’s not a free movie, so walk with $15 to pay for your ticket. Ms. Solomon will meet with members of PACE after the film in the small party room at the Cinema. Please support this event.

Saturday Nov 21st – Meeting with Trinidad Film Producer

On Saturday November 21st at 3:00p.m. at Bay Gardens Inn [venue to be confirmed] we will be hosting a session with Frances-Anne Solomon to discuss a number of film related issues – she’ll talk about her experience as a film director/producer, the Caribbean Tales film festival in Canada and the possibilities for St. Lucian film producers in Canada. It’s a big deal, so be part of this as we move towards advancing a film industry in St. Lucia.

Support needed for One Love Charity Concert in Gros Islet

Members of PACE who have experience in stage management or want to be part of the ONE LOVE Charity concert, please read the attached from Michael St. Prix one of our members. You may have seen him on TALK last night promoting the event scheduled for December 4th at Gros Islet.

Monday, October 26, 2009

PACE meeting on Sat Oct 31st at Bay Gardens

Quick update –
Thanks for the completed application forms
Thanks to those of you who have sent in the completed application forms. And if you haven’t and are getting put off by some of the questions – don’t worry too much about it. Send us the form with your contact info and whatever else you can volunteer currently and we will fill in the blanks as we get to know you better.

Meeting on Saturday 31st October at 3:00pm Bay Gardens Hotel
A meeting to update the general membership on what we’ve been up to is scheduled for this Saturday, October 31st at the Bay Gardens Hotel from 3:00p. We’d really want to see you there as we are nothing without a membership. In any case we have lots to discuss including some activities for the next few weeks. So please make an effort to be there and to bring along a colleague.

Upcoming events
We will discuss a strategic planning meeting for the creative arts which is slated for the middle of November – the exact date will be confirmed shortly. But this meeting is to discuss a 2-3 year plan for action for the development of the creative industries. Addressing that meeting with be an OECS Export Development Unit officer who will advise on a range of matters including grant support for your creative projects etc. So that meeting will be very critical. The date will be announced shortly.

PACE is not for film only!
There’s been some concern that PACE exists to promote only the film and audio visual sector. This is not correct. PACE was born out of an initiative to develop a film industry but that mandate is being broadened to include all sectors of the creative arts. Our mandate is to engage all sectors ranging from fashion to arts and craft, music, even architecture – any field where intellectual property is used to generate income. The idea is to get those sectors talking to each other, develop a strategic plan for advancing the creative industries, lobby for policy and legislative support, and network with regional and international agencies.

Meeting on Saturday October 31st at 3:00pm Bay Gardens Hotel
Please give us your support as we seek to develop the creative sector in St. Lucia. See u on Saturday at Bay Gardens from 3:00pm

Get updates on www.paceslu.blogspot.com

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Caribbean Audio-Visual Network is established

Representatives of national film and audio‐visual associations, film commissions and film and audio‐visual training institutions in the Caribbean have established a regional organization focused on accelerating business development within the audio‐visual sector.
The Caribbean Audio‐Visual Network (C.A.N.) was recently registered as a non‐profit company.

This was a major outcome of an Audio‐Visual Sector meeting held in Fort de
France, Martinique on September 23 with representation from Antigua and Barbuda,
Barbados, Belize, The Bahamas, Cuba, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada,
Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St Lucia, Martinique, St. Kitts‐Nevis, Suriname and
Trinidad and Tobago.

The meeting established some key objectives for C.A.N. that will seek to improve the status and productivity of the film and audio‐visual industry in the Caribbean:
1. to seek technical training and financial assistance to help its members;
2. to facilitate and support of the protection of the intellectual property rights;
3. to promote the development of co‐productions among the member countries;
4. to seek international sources of funding;
5. to raise the visibility of the members’ productions;
6. to assist in the creation of a Caribbean distribution mechanism and
7. to create a data‐base of the region’s practitioners.

The seed for this much needed network was planted in March of 2009 in Santo Domingo when several players from the AV sector where invited by Caribbean Export to develop the concept. This process continued with the support of Caribbean Export, Caricom and the European Union, when over 40 music and film & audio‐visual professionals participated in a meeting hosted by the Conseil Regional de Martinique, which created respective networks to help unify and enhance their professions.

Senior Services Advisor of Caribbean Export, Tonika Sealy expressed the agency’s satisfaction with the tangible and sector driven outcomes of the meeting. “Through the hard work of the steering committee, the region finally has a body with a leadership and membership structure representing diverse elements of the audio‐visual sector. It also covers the four language areas of the Caribbean.” she said.

“Apart from the CARIFORUM countries that are served by Caribbean Export, we are particularly pleased that the new association will embrace the French Territories and
Cuba, which are important centers for world cinema and co‐productions in the
Caribbean” Sealy added.

The C.A.N. interim co‐chairs who will steer the network until elections are held at the next general assembly are Claude Mancuso of Haiti, Tony Coco‐Vilon of Guadeloupe and Howard Allen of Antigua and Barbuda. Ava‐Gail Gardiner of Jamaica is the Interim secretary and legal advisor.
For information contact:
Claude Mancuso: e‐mail: haitvnet@aol.com, Tel: 011 (509) 3719-1258